GP born in 1995 with only 40 local drivers.
Since over the year we keep this leitmotiv, world class drivers and local drivers can race at the same time for pleasure and fanttastic show on the track !!

All organisation is from volunteers spendong each year 12 week of hard work, this is why the cost of registration is so low, so anybody can race and we want keep this way as long as possible !!

Actually more than 220 drivers racing, 8 year old to 70 year old drivers.

DXR are a group of racers who are passionate about RC. They create a one off indoor track for each event, built to test the skill levels of even the best drivers in the world.
The team have been designing/building tracks for over ten years since the Proline Dirt Challenge back in 2006 & 2007 before joining up with the Neo Race from 2008
Last year the team prepared for DXR 2019 & it was the usual success, so much so we are back for 2020.
DXR offer you a chance to race the DXR Dirt Kings event.
Again this year the venue for the event is at the soil hall of Harper Adams University in Shropshire – UK.

About the race: born in 2009 as promotional event for the brand Bittydesign it becomed year after year one of the biggest race in Europe and in 2018 the event set a record in the RC history with more than 300 entries and more than 250 drivers who attendend the race making the EURO Contest the biggest outdoors race ever done in Europe!!

The Contest is more like a 3 days party with dj set, Bittydesign hospitality, hot paddock girls, aperitif, food, drink and racing, a weekend where the PURE FUN is the key of the success of the event.

Buggyland was born in 2014. It is celebrated in the circuit of Fuencarral – Madrid -Spain. The first edition had 47 drivers. It currently has more than 200 tickets, it is a fun race attended by the best drivers in the world. It has mini games, new circuit for each edition and a great atmosphere. The organizers of the event are Miguelo and Laura.

IBR Padova, the world famous indoor track located in Italy, organize a Trophy Race and this year the «Winter Cup» will be valid for «Master of Europe 2020» ranking.
The «Winter Cup» will be hosted from october the 30th to november the 1st, 2020, into IBR Padova facility ( with almost standard rules of a traditional Off road race.

It is intended for 1/8 Nitro buggies (Pro and Sport Class) and 1/8 Electric buggies.
The race has a limited capacity fixed at maximum 248 drivers.
The event will be fully broadcasted by IBR Padova YouTube streaming chanel.
The organizers of the event are Nicola, Daniel and Ernesto.